I'm Zoltán Matók: a freelance iOS engineer, writer and aspiring pilot.

Hi, I'm Zoltán

I'm a freelance iPhone software engineer, designer and writer. I’m also a tech editor at raywenderlich.com and edited the book iOS 10 by Tutorials.

I’m the guy who made the rising Lili Fox dating app from scratch, beside many other apps.

And I can do the same for you.

Some apps I've developed


I have wide experience with a lot of technologies like networking, push notifications, positioning, multimedia, animations, image processing, social networks and deployment automation. I work in Swift

I design most of the apps I work on, but you can bring your own designer if you wish.
I only work on apps I can be proud of, so please contact me only if you are aiming for a neat looking app.

Some more designs I've done


Here's what my past clients say

"Zoltan delivered the code in time. Quality work, no issues, quick and professional. 100% satisfied."

Norbert Pattantyus, CEO of Nearones Ltd.

“It was a great joy to work with Zoltan. Not only was he a great team player, but managed to improve on many of the features and design of our app. He was the perfect partner to work on the iOS version of LiliFox. Thank you.”
Orsolya Bódis, ownner of Lili Fox

"Zolo is an advanced level developer with a keen eye for detail, and you can always count on him to get the job done on time. He is one of the best tech editors at raywenderlich.com, having done many tech edits for our macOS team, and our upcoming book iOS 10 by Tutorials. Highly recommended!"
Ray Wenderlich, CEO of Razeware LLC.

"Zoltan is phenomenal! He is extremely knowledgeable, competent and fast. I am excited to work with him again in the future."

Jon Sheklow, CEO of Opposite Lock LLC.

What happens next?

Contact me at zolomatok[at]gmail.com if you also need a handcrafted and charming app.

Hire me

Here’s what you can expect once you've hired me.

We’ll schedule an exact time when we can talk about your project in detail so I can get a better understanding of exactly what you are after and we’ll agree on a way forward.

Then I design and/or develop all the features from start to finish, while we keep in touch so you are never in doubt about the progress.

I’ll launch your app on the AppStore and start all the server-side services your project needs, if any.

I won't lie. I know what I'm doing. The above picture is of me in civil. In actuality, this next picture better represents how I look like when I'm working.

“Senior Mobile Engineer”
H. Rigaud


Oil on canvas

What happens if something goes wrong?

I’ll fix it if I broke it! Errors due to reasons beyond my control are not included in the warranty. If by chance I’m not able to deliver the project to you, you will not be required to pay in the following. If it happens I’ll do my best to help you continue the work. I’ll share the code with you and if I can, I’ll try to find a replacement of myself.

Open-source work

Johnny - Melodic Caching in Swift
DocItemInspector Xcode plugin
ObjC Header Extractor

GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter